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Clemencia and Jose

POSTED BY: missyou POSTED ON: 09/07/10 05:52:38
Clemencia and Jose Very long ago there omega watches lived a couple who had a daughter named Clemencia. The mother, who was a witch, did not like Clemencia because she said the girl was a fool who was always going to church.One day, the crops were more abundant than usual and Clemencia's father was forced to hire a youth named José to help with the harvesting. In a short time, José and Clemencia fell in love and wanted to marry as soon as possible. When they asked for her parents' omega speedmaster approval, the father gave his permission, but the witch denied it. Nevertheless, Clemencia and José fell more and more in love with each other, thus increasing the anger the witch bore them.One day when José was in the corral taking care of the mules, the mother decided to kill him, hoping to end the love affair and make Clemencia suffer. The omega seamaster witch went in search of her husband and said to him, "Old man, tell José to go to the pasture and bring back the black mule that is grazing there." Clemencia, when she heard her mother say this, guessed that the witch was trying to kill her loved one."Look, José, shortly my father will come to tell you to bring a black mule from the pasture and put it in the corral. That black mule is my mother. If you ride her, she will buck; and if omega speedmaster watches she unseats you, she will kill you. So listen closely to what I am going to tell you. When you mount the mule and she starts to buck, bend over and bite her right ear. This will render her powerless. Bring the mule and put it in the corral but be careful not to tell anybody anything." Everything happened exactly as Clemencia had predicted. José rendered the mule powerless and brought her safely to the corral. When it was time for supper, José noticed that the old woman was wearing a bandage on her right ear. That night Clemencia and José decided to omega elope. They agreed that at eleven Clemencia would wake José and both would flee.At eleven Clemencia went to José's bedroom. She shook him awake and said, "Spit on your bed, I have already spat on mine." Then they left.Soon after, the old witch awoke and began calling Clemencia, but the spittle the daughter had left on her bed answered, "Mother?" The old woman, hearing Clemencia's voice, went back to sleep. A long time went by and Clemencia's mother woke again. She called Clemencia again but this time there was no answer. The spittle had dried. The angered witch got up and went to Clemencia's bedroom. Not omega seamaster watch finding the girl there, she ran toward José's bedroom. She didn't find him either. Guessing what had happened, the witch waited for daylight, then turned herself into an eagle and flew in search of the youths. After flying a long while, the witch saw them. Clemencia also saw the eagle and knew it was her mother. Clemencia, wh o had learned a good deal of magic from her mother, dropped a comb on the ground, whereupon in a moment a huge forest sprang up. The eagle could not fly over it so she came down to earth and changed back into the witch. With counter-magic she made the forest disappear. Then omega constellation she turned into an eagle once more and continued her pursuit of the lovers.José and Clemencia had gained some ground but soon noticed that the eagle was almost upon them again. The girl then threw down a mirror which became a lake so broad that the eagle could not fly over it. Seeing the huge size of the lake, the eagle landed, became a witch again, and caused the lake to disappear. Trying her magic again, she turned back into an eagle and flew in pursuit. again the eagle saw the couple, but Clemencia threw a handful of ashes in the air. The ashes turned into a dense fog which the eagle could not cross. as it was getting dark, the witch could not follow the omega watch lovers any more. The witch lost her powers with the setting of the sun.Before flying home, however, the witch cursed the lovers saying, "Bad daughter, remember that your lover will leave you as soon as you arrive at the first village." Clemencia and José did not pay attention but kept on without stopping to rest. At last they came to a village. As they neared the outskirts of the town, Clemencia sat down to rest because she was very tired and because her shoes were torn from walking so much. Wait here for me while I go into the village and buy you a pair of shoes and something to eat," said José.Clemencia did not want José to leave her, but he Gucci handbags insisted so much that she let him go. It grew dark and José did not return. Another day went by and he still did not return. Finally, remembering her mother's curse, Clemencia went into the village, crying all the way. Failing to find her lover, Clemencia had to go to work. One day when she was feeling more sad than usual two doves flew down to her windo. It seemed that they were trying to cheer Clemencia as they cooed and cooed.Clemencia captured the doves and omega seamaster watches patiently taught them many tricks.Thus several weeks went by, and when the doves had learned their tricks well, Clemencia took them to the city square where they began to perform. Many people came to see and admire the clever stunts the doves could do. Clemencia meanwhile kept a sharp eye out for José, always trying to locate him in the crowd. Finally, one day she LP

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